The Taith Group

Promoting Good Business since 2014

What is Taith? In short, Taith is a wealth management company. Using the cash from our investors, our stakeholders, and what we've earned through our growth, we invest in companies that we believe will grow and earn a profit. Most of our involvements and decisions are very long-term. We very seldom even think about anything that is short term.

We do not seek political entanglements or exposure. We're just looking to make money for ourselves and for our investors. We don't play the game to war, to raid. Our protectors know that we actively endeavour to maintain a relatively low profile. Not looking to war, just looking to money. If you have a possible investment proposal, you can reach out to either of the Co-Managing Partners.

Name Brand Companies


Banc Cymru Pwc. Ltd.


Boxd Crates Company Pwc. Ltd.


Good Neighbor Protection and Insurance Company Pwc. Ltd.


Otto Lotteries and Gambling Company Pwc. Ltd.

Investing with Taith

In October 2020, we rolled out a new way to invest: Taith Group Investment Fund (TGIF). In short, this is a single company listed on the Orbit Stock Exchange, with a single investment: Taith. If you'd like to invest, that's the best and easiest way to do so, as it gives you quicker, more immediate results. You may find yourself invited to invest directly into Taith, but since that's a very unlikely scenario, this is the next best route.